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Lowell on CNBC: Super Tuesday Could Bring ‘Biden Bounce’ or ‘Sanders Sell’

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC World to discuss the impact of the presidential election cycle on stock markets. He expects politics to affect daily market movements through November. Despite Monday’s rebound, Jim still sees numerous risks for investors to contend with.

Lowell on CNBC: The Coronavirus and the Market Sell-Off

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC with a look at what this week’s market sell-off portends for investors. After a banner 2019, more volatility was likely in the cards in 2020 no matter what, Jim said, but while the coronavirus may continue to drive down stock prices in the near term, long-term investors should be grateful for the opportunity to pick up some valuable assets at attractive valuations.

Lowell on CNBC: The Impact of the Coronavirus on Global Markets

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC to discuss his outlook relative to the disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak. In his view, the markets to date have priced in containment, not pandemic. Jim went on to note that economic growth look to be negatively affected by the side effects of the virus’ spread. He thinks that this shorter-term setback will present buying opportunity based on the strength of economic fundamentals like earnings, interest rates and consumer health, and that long-term investors would be best off staying the course. He went on to discuss where he sees values for investors around the globe.

Lowell on Bloomberg Radio: Focus on Fundamentals, Not Coronavirus

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on Bloomberg Radio to analyze the daily impact of the coronavirus on the moves of markets worldwide. Jim said it’s something that investors may have to withstand for weeks or months to come. He explained why investors should use the daily uncertainties to think about their risk tolerance to headlines—making investment moves based on fear over coronavirus or hope over coronavirus doesn’t make sense.

Lowell on CNBC: Is Tesla the Sock Puppet of Bull Market?

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC World with his analysis of what the significant run-up in Tesla’s stock price suggests about the broader market environment. Jim said that investors would be wise to take significantly more time to assess risks in their portfolio, especially after a decade where they haven’t had to think all that hard about losses.

Lowell on CNBC: Viewing Presidential Primaries as an Investor

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC World with a look at what the results of the New Hampshire primary tells him as an investor. Jim said that individual investors would be wise to take politics out of their portfolio, and focus instead on.the strength of the American consumer. He also noted that fourth-quarter earnings showed that business-to-business spending remained constrained heading into 2020.

2020 Conflicts: Impeachment, Tariffs & Global Dysfunction

Amid flashpoints at home and abroad, markets have retested record territory. But despite the challenges and heightened uncertainty of investing during crises, we believe that opportunities remain for long-term investors with well-diversified portfolios. This webinar is your chance to hear from our chief investment strategists—Chairman Dan Wiener, Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell, Director of Research Jeff DeMaso, Vice President Steve Johnson and Equity Research Analyst Kate Austin—as they discuss critical subjects for investors like you.

Lowell on CNBC: Consumers Are the Backbone of the U.S. Economy

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC World to discuss why U.S. consumers and their employment status are keys to the health of the economy. He says consumers are still in good shape despite ongoing geopolitical risks, domestic politics and the threat of a global economic slowdown.

Lowell on CNBC: Election Biggest Unknown for Investors in 2020

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC with a 2019 wrap-up and a look ahead to 2020. Jim noted that investors facing geopolitical headline risk events have to be careful to avoid making decisions based on either fear or fear of missing out. He also stressed the importance of not letting your political views get in the way of your investment goals.

Lowell on CNBC: Impeachment Not a Market Event (So Far)

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC to discuss what he sees in 2020 for dividend blue chip stocks as well as small- and mid-cap equities. Jim explained why he thinks it’s prudent to be cautious heading into the new year given the decade-long bull market and strong 2019 returns for stocks. He also sees plenty of opportunities both at home and in foreign and emerging markets.

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