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Make Like Warren Buffett and Think Long Term

Adam Johnson discusses the difficulties and potential opportunities of buying in the hole.

Adam Johnson on Uncovering Opportunity in Uncertain Times

Adam Johnson visited Fox Business to discuss buying in weak markets and the Fed’s strategy for fighting inflation.

Adam Johnson Leaves Room for Cautious Optimism

Adam Johnson joins cheddar to discuss the potential silver lining of the Fed’s expected interest rate hike.

Inflation Is Stickier Than We Thought

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson visited Fox Business to discuss inflation and the path towards its reduction.

Adam Johnson: Concerns About Inflation in the Services Sector

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson appeared on “Mornings with Maria” to discuss his outlook following the latest inflation reports.

Adam Johnson: The Fed’s Resolve Heartens Markets

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson visited Fox Business to discuss energy prices, inflation, Federal Reserve policy and why he believes good times are ahead.

Adam Johnson: A Narrow, Shallow and Unmemorable Recession

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson appeared on Fox Business to make the case that with consumer spending staying elevated, the U.S. might just have experienced its first blink-and-you’ll-miss-it recession.

Adam Johnson: What’s Behind the Calmer Markets?

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson appeared on Fox Business to share his thoughts on why market volatility has subsided of late. Adam noted that corporate earnings are still rising because consumers are still employed and continue to spend.

Adam Johnson: Earnings Negativity Pendulum Has Swung Too Far

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson appeared on cheddar news to offer his outlook on upcoming earnings reports from leading tech giants. Adam thinks that widespread concerns about a rough earnings quarter may be overblown given the results he’s seen to date.

Fed Funds Futures Signaling a Buy?

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson appeared on Fox Business to discuss stock and bond market expectations ahead of next week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting. He also shared what he’s doing with his remaining cash positions.