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Webinar: Investing Through Impeachment and Trade Wars

Markets have reentered record territory, and even with the challenges and unknowns we face, we believe that the current environment offers opportunities for long-term investors with well-diversified portfolios. This webinar is a valuable opportunity to hear from our chief investment strategists—Chairman Dan Wiener, Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell, Director of Research Jeff DeMaso, Vice President Charlie Toole and Equity Research Analyst Kate Austin—as they discuss critical subjects for investors like you.

Lowell on CNBC: Patient Money More Likely to Be Rewarded

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC World to offer his analysis of the current state of U.S.-China trade negotiations and what they mean for the markets. Jim discussed how the stock markets’ record highs reflect traders shifting their focus from trade concerns to earnings and economic data. He also suggested that investors would be wise to be patient; even as they remain in the driver’s seat, the road ahead is full of twists and turns.

Lowell on CNBC: Stock Market Volatility Will Continue

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC to offer his analysis of the current state of U.S.-China trade negotiations and what they mean for the markets. Jim discussed how traders on Wall Street are getting beaten up on a day-to-day basis by recession fears, impeachment inquiry impact, the trade tussle with China and other issues, and how calm, level-headed long-term investors can deal with volatility. He also suggested that the lead-up to a vitriolic 2020 election is a good time for investors to review their risk tolerance, especially if they’re nearing or in retirement.

Lowell on CNBC: Impeachment Process and Market Volatility

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell joined CNBC’s “Street Signs” to discuss the presidential impeachment inquiry’s potential impact on stock market volatility. Jim emphasized that although the proceedings may dominate short-term headlines, our economy’s long-term fundamentals will likely remain unchanged. Jim remarked, “I think this will be a nervous time to be an investor but if you’re disciplined it could also be a great time to add some of your best ideas at discounted prices … You stay vigilant. You stay focused on your long-term investment goals while also safeguarding your shorter-term income needs.” Jim further emphasized, “We think that making sure you have your buffers in place—having actively managed bonds and even cash reserves makes good sense even if you’re a growth investor … We think those buffers will play a measurable role in smoothing some of what we expect will be heightened volatility and enable you to stay the investment course.”

Lowell on CNBC: Volatile Markets Call for Actively Managed Portfolios

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell joined CNBC to share his perspective on recent interest-rate cuts and prudent investor strategies built to withstand market volatility. Jim emphasized his belief that the U.S. economy’s strong fundamentals did not validate recent rate reductions. Jim remarked, “Our Fed may be tipping a little more towards trying to be proactive rather than reactive—I think that’s dangerous: They need to remain data-dependent.” Jim further noted that the current investing environment reaffirms the need for investors to remain well-diversified with an actively managed portfolio that includes short-term bonds and cash.


Lowell on CNBC: Nervous Markets Call for a Balanced, Disciplined Investment Approach

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC World and discussed the market’s jittery mood in recent weeks, saying that though the data still shows a slow-growth economy here at home, there are clear threats to global growth and reason for investors to be nervous—but the Fed’s recent attempts to anticipate the market’s moves rather than react to them may further erode confidence.

Lowell on CNBC: Perspective on Dow’s 800-Point Drop

Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Alley” to share his perspective on the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 800-point drop on August 14, 2019. Although that 3% pullback marks the index’s greatest point decline this year and the fourth-largest of all time, Jim noted that investors should be making sure that their short-term income needs are met and that their long-term goals haven’t changed in what he thinks will continue to be a “momentum-driven market with a lot of volatility.” Jim also emphasized that the investing environment will remain challenging “not just for nerves, but also for those of us who take our task seriously and put shareholder interests first.”

Stock Indexes Decline 3% but Long-Term Prospects Remain Strong

Adviser Investments Senior Vice President Chris Keith joined NBC10 on August 14, 2019 to comment on the day’s 3% declines for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite. Chris pointed out that although this market volatility can be worrisome for short-term investors, long-term economic indicators remain strong. In the meantime, he recommended that investors diversify with high-quality bonds that continue to “do their job” despite the fact that bond yields are currently experiencing multi-year lows.

Lowell on CNBC: Current Market Offers Long-Term Opportunity

Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC on August 9, 2019. Along with co-panelist Kristina Hooper, Jim discussed recession fears and where to find opportunity in the current investing environment. Highlighting small- and mid-cap emerging markets, dividend-growth stocks, and select health-care opportunities as potential bright spots, Jim noted, “Long-term, we think this is the kind of market that creates opportunities. Near term, we absolutely understand that it’s the day-to-day event-driven news that’s determining both the direction, the velocity and the volatility of the momentum.”

Overseas Markets Tumble

Adviser Investments Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell has the market analysis for Friday, August 2. All major U.S. stock market indexes declined, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite down 0.4%, 0.7% and 1.3%, respectively. President Trump announced on Twitter that Chinese imports should expect more tariffs, taking investors around the globe by surprise and sending Asian, European and U.S. markets down.

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