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Adam Johnson Reacts to Jerome Powell’s Speech

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joins Fox Business to react to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s speech on the inflation and the Fed’s strategy going into the new year. He explains why he sees far more that he likes than dislikes and why he thinks the markets are beginning to make the turn. Adam also discusses how the lagging impact of the Fed’s rate hikes is still up in the air but that he felt confident after hearing Powell speak, especially in the context of record employment, earnings and consumer spending.

Adam Johnson on Powell’s Big Speech, Interest Rates and Elon Musk

All eyes are on Fed Chair Powell today–what should investors be paying attention to? Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson covers what Powell’s speech might mean for inflation, discount models and why Elon Musk wants the Fed to cut interest rates now.

Adam Johnson: “The Gloom Crew Is Just Plain Wrong”

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson appears on Fox Business on Black Friday to discuss his projection for consumer spending in this holiday season. To explain why he believes that both his and the National Retail Federation’s optimistic outlook will hold true, Adam points to record employment and record income as precursors for record spending.

Adam Johnson’s Projection for Holiday Shopping

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joined Fox Business to offer his outlook for holiday spending. He explains how the state of the housing market and a 50-year low in unemployment could lead to a surge in spending. He also explains why a fall in existing home sales, which has led to lower housing prices, could be beneficial for fighting inflation.

Adam Johnson: “Earnings Season, Not So Bad”

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson visited Fox Business to talk about favorable earnings reports and put them into context with expectations heading into earnings season. He also discussed the Fed’s commitment to staying the course to reduce inflation and how that might impact growth stocks.

Adam Johnson on the Crypto Crash Contagion

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joined Fox Business to discuss the recent crypto crash and the potential spillover effect for stocks and bonds. He attempts to address concerns about the long-term efficacy of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin by putting a positive spin on the functionality of blockchain technology.

Adam Johnson’s State of the Markets

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joins TD Ameritrade to give his insight on the future of the market by focusing on the housing market and the upcoming midterm elections. He explains the lagging relationship between rate hikes, home sales and home prices. He ties it all together by explaining the tremendous impact the housing market has on the Consumer Price Index.

Adam Johnson: “Think Rationally, Not Emotionally”

Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson joins Fox Business to caution investors against obsessing over the negative narratives surrounding inflation and interest rates. Instead, his focus is on record low unemployment, positive earnings reports and positive signals from both domestic and international news.

Adam Johnson on the Housing Market

Adam Johnson appeared on Fox Business to discuss his views on the future of the housing market, prices and sales. He explains why he believes that we are due for a market adjustment in housing and how it will impact Consumer Price Index and, thus, inflation down the road.

Adam Johnson: Views from the Closing Bell

Adam Johnson ends the week by visiting cheddar news to discuss finding the market bottom and the future state of the market. He weighs international variables against recent and historical national data to form his prediction.

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