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Tips for Tax-Loss Harvesting

This week’s reader question: What is the best way to think about tax-loss harvesting—what are your thoughts on timing and best practices?
Cathy Lee, Tax Associate, had this to say: Tax-loss harvesting—selling a losing investment to reduce your tax obligations—can help minimize taxes by offsetting capital gains and up to …

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Stock Buybacks: Public Enemy Number One?

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Emerging Market Bonds: Good Bet or Bad?

This week’s reader question is on fixed-income investments in developing countries:  What is your thinking on emerging market bonds? Is now the time to invest? Emerging market bonds can add diversification and increase the yield in your portfolio. The downside is that the higher yield comes with additional risk—though not …

The Fate of Backdoor Roth IRAs – Your Question Answered

This week’s reader question: What’s the upshot of the Biden administration’s tax proposals, and what should we be most concerned about going forward? The Biden administration maintains that any tax increases would only affect households earning $400,000 or more per year. From our read on the tax proposals released by the …

Is Social Security Heading Toward Insolvency?

This week’s reader question: Is Social Security Heading Toward Insolvency? You heard right. As part of its annual report on the financial health of Social Security and Medicare, the Social Security Board of Trustees said last week that Social Security would be insolvent one year sooner than previously projected. The increased …

Climate Change and Your Portfolio

This week’s reader question: How should I factor climate change into my investment strategy? How does Adviser Investments manage this portfolio risk? Climate change is a consideration for many investment managers, including us. But after evaluating the findings in the United Nations report released last week, it’s safe to say …

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