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Stock Buybacks: Public Enemy Number One?

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Opportunities in Health Care and Biotech Stocks

At Adviser Investments, we’ve been betting on health care for a long time, and the sector is a meaningful position inside most of our clients’ portfolios. But in recent months—even as doctors and scientists came up with a lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine in record time—health care stocks have underperformed the broader market. In …

Fidelity Expands ESG Lineup

Fidelity Expands ESG Lineup

Fidelity Investments launched five new actively managed environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds last week. The new funds include two equity mutual funds, one bond mutual fund and two equity ETFs, bringing Fidelity’s total ESG lineup to 11 mutual funds and ETFs. The new funds are available …

Vanguard to Offer Private Equity Investments to Individuals

Vanguard to Offer Private Equity Investments to Individuals

Vanguard will begin offering private equity strategies to individual investors this summer. It will make the funds available only to qualified customers at first, but intends to include them in its hybrid robo-advisor platform, Personal Advisor Services, in the “near future,” according to …

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Fidelity vs. Vanguard

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Your Question Answered: Investing in China—Risk or Opportunity?

This week’s reader question is about investing in China: What is your outlook on China and is this an area of opportunity for equity investors? What are the risks and how are you factoring China’s evolving regulatory and control policies (toward its companies) into your outlook? An astute question, thoughtfully worded. …