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What Economic Challenges Are Likely to Persist in 2022?

As the world recovers from the pandemic, some countries have brought production and manufacturing back online faster than others. Supply in the increasingly globalized economy hasn’t been able to keep up with demand as prices rise. How long will these jams last and what are the ripple effects? Here’s what Chief Investment …

Emerging Market Bonds: Good Bet or Bad?

This week’s reader question is on fixed-income investments in developing countries:  What is your thinking on emerging market bonds? Is now the time to invest? Emerging market bonds can add diversification and increase the yield in your portfolio. The downside is that the higher yield comes with additional risk—though not …

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Will Infrastructure Spending Impact Chinese Stocks?

An infrastructure package would cast a wide net across the U.S. markets. Will it affect investments beyond our shores? Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell delved into the wide-ranging impact of infrastructure spending in our recent webinar,* Inflation, Inoculation and Infrastructure: Defining the New Normal. Please enjoy the excerpt …

Your Question Answered: Investing in China—Risk or Opportunity?

This week’s reader question is about investing in China: What is your outlook on China and is this an area of opportunity for equity investors? What are the risks and how are you factoring China’s evolving regulatory and control policies (toward its companies) into your outlook? An astute question, thoughtfully worded. …