The Adviser Investments Managed Bond Program
Special Report

The Adviser Investments Managed Bond Program

March 29, 2022

Our Managed Bond Program is designed for investors who prefer to invest in high-quality individual bonds, rather than bond funds. This program provides a steady stream of income while protecting your original principal.

Constructing a well-diversified bond portfolio is both an art and a science. Our fixed-income research team has the experience, knowledge and perspective to build a diversified portfolio of high-quality bonds to meet your individual needs. While we cannot control the markets or make any guarantees (we’re fortune-builders, not fortune-tellers), we manage the level of risk in your bond portfolio carefully to protect your wealth.

Our Managed Bond Program adheres to a time-tested process for selecting high-quality bonds that incorporates the following principles:

CUSTOMIZATION. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to portfolio construction. We take the time to learn your financial objectives and risk tolerance, and then structure your portfolio accordingly. We can customize your holdings to anticipate major life events and liquidity needs, such as paying for your child’s college education or your own retirement.

QUALITY. We believe quality counts when investing in bonds. Simply having a ratings service declare a bond “investment-grade” isn’t enough for us. The bonds we select for your portfolio will always carry a rating of “A-” or above at the time of purchase and we will have an understanding of the issuer and how we are being paid back. We never sacrifice safety in pursuit of higher yields.

DIVERSIFICATION AND RISK CONTROLS. To ensure your portfolio is properly diversified, we avoid overweighting investments. Such concentration can lead to negative results. For example, a dip in oil prices that hurts the energy sector could impact the performance of your whole portfolio if overweighted. To avoid this risk, we spread your investments across issuers in multiple industries, including the industrial, technology, pharmaceutical, energy and financial sectors. Our goal is to ensure that individual positions do not represent more than 10% of each portfolio. (Exceptions may be made with certain general obligation municipal bonds and government agency bonds.)

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