Understanding Social Security's Role In Your Retirement
Special Report

Social Security’s Role in Your Retirement

April 6, 2023

Some people think of Social Security as more of a safety net than a retirement savings account, but for many, the monthly payments are a significant source of retirement income. No matter what role Social Security will play in your retirement, it’s worth gaining a greater understanding of how the program works and viewing it through an investor’s lens to determine how it will fit into your plans for the future.

This special report discusses important fundamentals and strategies, including:

  • How payments are determined
  • Maximizing benefits
  • To delay or not to delay filing?

Clearly, individuals with sizable retirement savings won’t need to rely quite as much on Social Security payments. But all of your monthly income should be taken into account when you are putting together your financial plan. And if you are in a position to delay taking Social Security, the added return is guaranteed income.

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