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How to Discuss Your Loved Ones’ Financial Future

Your parents have looked out for you all your life; it can be a real challenge for everyone involved when the roles reverse. One way to face this new phase of life together is to hold a formal family meeting to discuss the best path forward. By working with your loved ones to create and commit to a transition plan before it’s needed, you’ll be able to make sure they’re comfortable and well cared for while respecting their wishes.

For nearly 25 years, Adviser Investments has worked with families like yours to preserve and grow generational wealth. We’ve been through every difficult discussion imaginable, and in our professional and personal experience, there’s no better way to protect against the unexpected and uncomfortable than by starting the conversation with your parents early. This reference guide and agenda checklist is focused on helping you make your family meeting productive. The better you’re prepared, the smoother this transition will be.

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