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Financial Checklist for New Parents

December 27, 2019


Congratulations! You or your kids (or grandkids) are expecting a baby. Just like that, life changes as preparations are made and plans are laid. We know the joys of parenthood are bountiful, even as the challenges multiply.

Believe it or not, there’s a financial planning piece of the new-child puzzle, and Adviser Investments is here to help. We hope that if you’re a new or expecting parent, you’ll find time to give this a read and start planning, or if you’re a new or expecting grandparent that you’ll share this with your family.

This checklist is drawn from our more than 25 years of experience advising clients through all stages of their financial lives. It’s a step-by-step planner designed to help you and your family navigate at least some of the financial obligations of parenthood. We detail:

  • Budgeting for what you want (and what you need) to spend on
  • Determining beneficiaries and legacy concerns
  • Saving for education
  • And much more!

Before Growing Your Family

The best time to begin financial planning for a new child is before they arrive. However, it’s never too late to get started.

After Birth or Adoption

Once you have your new child’s name and other identifying information in hand, you can put your plans for their future into action.


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