On-Demand Webinar: Outlasting Inflation

Outlasting Inflation & Bearing With the Bear Market

Action Items From Our Chief Investment & Planning Experts

2022 has been a grind for the stock and bond markets. As the Federal Reserve continues raising interest rates to combat inflation it can sometimes feel like there’s nowhere to hide. Investors are understandably wondering how they can protect themselves from the double whammy of high inflation and market volatility.

In this webinar, Interim Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research Jeff DeMaso, Manager of Financial Planning Andrew Busa and Wealth Adviser Liz Kesselman discuss how they’re positioning client portfolios to combat the dual challenges of a bear market and stubbornly high inflation. They also answer listener questions on Roth IRA conversions, the midterm election’s impact on the stock market and more.

Topics include:

  • Managing inflation’s impact
  • Staying positive amid rising prices
  • The silver lining to the bond market’s slump
  • Required minimum distribution considerations in 2023
  • …and more!

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