Webinar—Booster Shots, Market Shocks and the End of Fed Intervention

Booster Shots, Market Shocks and the End of Fed Intervention

In our live, interactive webinar, we shared our views on the markets and what we expect for stocks in the coming months. You can view a replay by filling out the form on this page.

Chairman Dan Wiener and Director of Research Jeff DeMaso offered their thoughts on the real impact of rising yields, what it means when stocks and bonds are both falling, how supply shocks may be baking in higher inflation, and whether the end of Fed intervention may doom the bull market.

In our Q&A segment, Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell, Vice President Charlie Toole and Research Analyst Liz Laprade answered viewer questions on a gamut of topics. They addressed the role of bonds in a rising rate environment, the best sector weighting for today, and whether persistent labor shortages and rising rates may mean we’re transitioning into a no-growth economy.

To hear our experts’ answers to your most pressing questions about where we go from here, watch our Fourth-Quarter Webinar now!

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