10 Essential Questions To Ask an Estate Planning Attorney

10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Attorney

How to Find an Expert You Can Trust

You’ve worked long and hard to build a legacy for your loved ones. The final step is to put a plan in place to ensure your wishes are carried out. At Adviser Investments, we’ve spent nearly 25 years helping our clients attain their financial goals. We know the value an expert estate attorney can bring to the table when it comes to navigating the legal complexities of trusts and estates.

Finding a trusted professional to work on your behalf can be a tricky task when you’re not an expert yourself. In this exclusive special report, we offer you the tools you’ll need to help evaluate an estate attorney’s capabilities and determine if you can build a successful working relationship.

Topics include:

  • The dangers of probate
  • Fee structures and special services
  • A final checklist to help you sort candidates

Don’t hesitate when it comes to securing the products of your hard work for the next generation.

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