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Parsing the ‘New Bull Market’ as the Pandemic Worsens

Featuring Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell

The pandemic headlines are sobering, the market volatility unnerving. Yet there are also opportunities for seasoned mutual fund managers to upgrade their portfolios at bargain prices. In the latest of our special podcast updates, Chairman Dan Wiener and Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell joined …

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While the [employment] numbers are going to be off-the-charts bleak, we think it’s better to call it a ‘suspension’ than ‘unemployment,’ because eventually these jobs are going to be built back in as the demand of recovery gets underway.

Jim Lowell

Chief Investment Officer

Pandemic Watch: Early Signs of Stabilization in Rocky Markets

Featuring Jeff DeMaso and Steve Johnson

The past week has been a hectic one for the markets—anyone who’s been watching stocks’ and bonds’ daily moves might be suffering from whiplash at this point. In this special episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, Director of Research Jeff DeMaso …

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Coronavirus Crisis Update

Featuring  Jim Lowell and Dan Wiener

We’re used to events and markets changing rapidly, but that pace has increased exponentially with the spread of the coronavirus. While alarm bells are ringing, we are sticking with our process and taking a rational approach to managing our clients’ wealth during this sudden …

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Coronavirus and Your Portfolio: What to Know

Featuring Jim Lowell, Jeff DeMaso and Steve Johnson

We are facing very uncertain times, with many questions about the investment environment and how the pandemic will affect our day-to-day lives. Given all of the unknowns, it’s understandable to be fearful. But we also know that panic is neither a plan …

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Protecting Yourself With Long-Term Care Insurance

Featuring David Mastroianni and Diana Linn

Today’s retirees are living longer, more active lives than ever—but many come to a point where they need some extra help. Even if an injury or illness means you or a loved one require assistance with the day-to-day tasks of life, there are often …

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Strategic Retirement Planning: What’s the Best Account for You?

Featuring Rick Winters and Andrew Busa

You’ve heard the names: Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), brokerage account, health savings account. But which is the right one for you and your retirement plan? In this lively conversation, Vice President Rick Winters and Senior Financial Planner Andrew Busa discuss strategic ways to …

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Fidelity vs. Vanguard

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Maximizing Your Employee Benefits (Because You’re Worth It)

Employee benefits are one of the most powerful parts of your overall financial plan, but also one of the most commonly overlooked. Statistics show that effectively managing your benefits can boost them up to 30% of your compensation each year. That’s a fantastic return on the time invested. In this …

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Retirement Savings Rules Have Changed: Unpacking the SECURE Act

Featuring Patrick Carlson, Bob Lepson and Geoff Turner

The SECURE Act, signed into law at the end of 2019, is the most significant new legislation affecting retirement investing in more than a decade. In this illuminating conversation, Vice President of Wealth Services Patrick Carlson sits down with Vice President Bob …

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Iran Impacts: How Middle East Tension Affects Markets

FEATURING Jim Lowell and Brian Mackey

The specter of conflict with Iran has dominated headlines recently. Should it also determine your investment strategy? In this episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell and Deputy Director of Research Brian Mackey break down the research on …

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The Taxman Cometh: Required Minimum Distributions and Your Portfolio

Featuring Dina Milne and Alec Rosen

You spend your whole career growing your tax-deferred investment accounts like 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs. And once you reach age 70½, the IRS requires that you start withdrawing your savings (thus giving Uncle Sam his annual income-tax cut) through what’s known as required minimum …

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Vanguard vs. Fidelity: What Today’s Investor Needs to Know

Featuring Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell

Vanguard’s and Fidelity’s growth and evolution over the past 25 years have been astounding to watch, and we’ve been paying close attention all the while. Getting data on their managers and services was once like squeezing water from a stone, but today’s investors are …

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All About Roth IRAs

Featuring Andrew Busa and Rick Winters

Roth IRAs—you may have heard of this type of individual retirement account, but do you know how to use one? In this episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, financial planning specialists Andrew Busa and Rick Winters give an in-depth explanation of …

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Protect Yourself From Yourself: 5 Investing Biases to Know

Featuring Dan Wiener and Josh Jones

Every investor has unique needs and goals driving their investment strategy. But the behaviors that can derail that strategy are universal. Failing to recognize and factor these innate biases into your investment decision-making can lead to missed opportunities or compound missteps. You can’t control …

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