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Biden Tax Hikes: What We Know Now

FEATURING Andrew Busa, Patrick Carlson and Rick Winters
Death and taxes may be certain, but the form each takes is a lot less so. And when it comes to taxes, some forms are worse than others. In this episode, some of Adviser Investments’ wealth management experts decode what we know about the …

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When we layer these [capital gains and estate] rules together we have the potential for there to be a massive tax increase on those who inherit appreciated stocks.

Patrick Carlson

Vice President of Wealth Services

Financial Spring Cleaning

FEATURING Andrew Busa, JonPaul McBride and Diana Linn

The darling buds of May are in full blossom, and most people are taking some time to shake off the dust and straighten up. When you do, make sure you include your finances. Andrew Busa, JonPaul McBride and Diana Linn take to the mic …

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Blockbuster Earnings, Monster Recovery?

FEATURING Charles Toole and Steve Johnson

This has been a record-setting corporate earnings season by any measure, with nearly 90% of companies beating analysts’ expectations—and some outright crushing them. But does this mean we’re headed into an economic boom? This week, portfolio managers Steve Johnson and Charles Toole discuss the trends behind …

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Betting on Munis as America Rebuilds

FEATURING Jeff DeMaso,  Chris Keith and Jennifer Zebniak

Pothole-free roads, faster, cheaper internet—what’s not to love? Well, paying for it. That’s where municipal bonds come in. In this episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, Director of Research Jeff DeMaso is joined by two of our bond experts to talk …

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5 Tax Deductions You Need to Know

FEATURING Andrew Busa, Patrick Carlson and Diana Linn

With the delayed federal filing deadline of May 17, there’s an extra month of tax season—plenty of time to capitalize on recent developments from the American Rescue Plan, the CARES Act and others. Some members of our financial planning team are here to offer …

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Lessons From the Pandemic Year

FEATURING Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the stock market’s swift, pandemic-induced crash—and it’s been a rocket ride since. Chairman Dan Wiener and Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell step into the podcast booth to take a look back at the crisis and the lessons they’ve learned …

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Stock Buybacks: Public Enemy Number One?

Common Misconceptions About Buybacks and How They Impact Your Portfolio

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Making the Most of Equity Compensation

FEATURING Andrew Busa and  JonPaul McBride

Equity compensation is becoming a bigger part of people’s paychecks in many industries—but deploying this important wealth-building tool can be fraught with complexity. Fortunately, Andrew Busa and JonPaul McBride of our financial planning team are here to break down the ins and outs of equity comp, …

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A Tactical Take on High-Yield

FEATURING Jeff DeMaso and Josh Jurbala

Generating steady income while successfully managing risk is what every bond investor aims for—and we think a tactical investing approach can help get you there. Director of Research Jeff DeMaso and Quantitative Investments Manager Josh Jurbala are back for the second part of our multi-episode

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What Corporate Earnings Tell Us About the Economy

FEATURING Steve Johnson and Charles Toole

We’re in the midst of 2021’s first earnings season and two of our portfolio managers have dug themselves out of their avalanche of quarterly reports to give us the scoop on how the nation’s biggest firms are prospering—and what that can tell us about our economy. In …

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Smart Money Moves for 2021

FEATURING Andrew Busa, Kari Wolfson, Ryan Christensen and Matt Shumaker

Putting together a comprehensive plan to manage your financial future can seem overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. In this edition of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, our team offers some quick tips and tasks that will help you take control …

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Investing Insights From Our Research Team

FEATURING Jim Lowell, Jeff DeMaso, Charlie Toole, Jennifer Zebniak and Liz Laprade

This week, we coaxed the Adviser Investments research team away from their spreadsheets to give our listeners their seasoned insights on how the big picture trends of 2021 are creating opportunity in the areas they focus on—and how it’s affecting …

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Social Security's Role in Your Retirement

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A Bird’s-Eye View of Investing in 2021

FEATURING Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell

The turbulence of 2020 has certainly not settled down so far in 2021—and that’s why it’s more important than ever to look ahead for obstacles and opportunities. In this week’s podcast, Jim Lowell and Dan Wiener examine the top-down trends and themes that they see shaping the …

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Investors


New Year’s resolutions often turn out to be lofty promises we make to ourselves and have a hard time keeping. But break those big pledges down into smaller, repeatable habits and you are far more likely to make them part of your year-round routine. If you’ve …

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