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Inherited IRAs: What You Need To Know

FEATURING Andrew Busa and Cathy Lee
IRAs are one of the best tools we have for both saving for your retirement and passing wealth on to your heirs. But maximizing the value of an inherited IRA—and avoiding the snares of the IRS—requires some know-how. Rules have changed in recent years, and Cathy …

[Taking a distribution] is a tactical decision that needs to be made on a yearly basis. Context matters.

Andrew Busa, CFP®

Manager of Financial Planning

Fighting Inflation With Dividends

FEATURING Charlie Toole, Steve Johnson and Andrew Busa
How do you turn your portfolio into a paycheck? That’s the question most retirees face, and dividends can be an important part of the answer. Charlie, Steve and Andrew talk about the challenges of generating a stable, income-producing portfolio in an inflationary environment and …

Making the Most of Life Insurance

FEATURING Andrew Busa and Adrian Baldeon
A successful financial plan is all about managing risk—especially planning for worst case scenarios. And what could be worse than the possibility that you won't be there to care for the people that need you most? In this episode, planners Andrew Busa and Adrian Baldeon discuss …

Cash Is Back—How Can You Make the Most of It?

FEATURING Dan Wiener, Jeff DeMaso and Andrew Busa
Zero, or near enough. That’s how much you could expect to earn on your cash holdings for a decade-plus since the Great Financial Crisis. But now, with interest rates on the rise, cash is back—to earning. In this episode, Chairman Dan Wiener is joined …

When, Why and How To Use Employee Stock Purchase Plans

FEATURING Andrew Busa and Michael Dillaire
Stock options can be a great wealth-building tool—but only if they’re used right. In this, our third episode to tackle the intricacies of maximizing your options, Andrew Busa and Michael Dillaire discuss employee stock purchase plans (ESPPs). Topics include:
  • How, when and how much you can …

Practical Steps to Beat the Bear

FEATURING Jeff DeMaso and Charlie Toole
In markets like these, about the only thing most people feel like investing in is antacid. But in this episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, Jeff DeMaso and Charlie Toole do have a few practical steps you can take to help protect your …

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Navigating the Bear Market

FEATURING Dan Wiener and Steve Johnson
The bear is back. Is a recession close behind? Or are we in one already and just don’t know it? And will inflation ever come down? It’s been a bruising ride for investors so far in 2022, and the Fed’s sought-after soft landing seems ever more …

Keeping Credit on Your Side

FEATURING Andrew Busa and Michael Dillaire
Credit cards are ubiquitous. But they can also be pernicious. Even financially savvy consumers can find themselves tripped up by some of the terms and jargon. Luckily, financial planners Andrew Busa and Michael Dillaire are here to help. In this episode, they demystify the impact of …

Analyzing Market Turmoil

FEATURING Charles Toole, Steve Johnson, and Jeff DeMaso
Both stock and bond markets have been in a tumultuous drawdown for most of 2022. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Or do inflation, high interest rates and a slowing economy mean more pain is in store for investors? Charlie, …

Your Questions Answered—Q1 2022

FEATURING Charles Toole, Jeff DeMaso and Steve Johnson
You asked, we answered. During our recent webinars, we were pleased to receive a bevy of questions from participants—but there simply wasn’t enough time to answer them all. Now we’re back with our investment experts to tackle these pressing topics, including:
  • Are I …

How Early Can You Retire?

FEATURING Andrew Busa and Sophie Benander
Packing it in at 65 with a gold watch was once the stereotypical model for retirement. But times have changed, career paths have changed, and for a new generation, retirement planning is changing too. This week, Andrew Busa and Sophie Benander discuss the dream of achieving …

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Lessons From a Volatile First Quarter

FEATURING Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell
The war in Ukraine, lockdowns in China, rising inflation and talk of a looming recession—bad news bingo roiled markets through the first three months of 2022. In this episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell sit down to discuss …

Panic Selling and Relief Rallies: Our Experts Weigh In

FEATURING Steve Johnson, Liz Laprade, Chris Keith, Josh Jurbala and Adam Johnson
The past several weeks have been some of the most volatile in history for both stocks and bonds, with war, inflation, and a new COVID crackdown in China just a few of the crises causing tumult for investors. In this episode …

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