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Medicare Made Simple

Interview with Victor Colella, Andrew Busa and Brad Sharp

A bit of knowledge can really pay off. Learning about Medicare today will help you avoid penalties and find the most cost-effective coverage down the line. Andrew, Brad and Victor, three of our experienced financial planning professionals, cover everything you need…

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A lot of people are intimidated by [Medicare’s] abbreviations and acronyms and what it all means … now that they’re making big decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

Brad Sharp, CFP®

Vice President, Wealth Manager

What’s Your Number?

Interview With Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso

With the stock market’s decline in October, we thought it was a good time for investors to ask themselves: What’s your number? What’s the size of the loss in your portfolio that keeps you up at night? And how can you try to…

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When Should You File for Social Security?

Interview With Dina Milne and Alec Rosen

Fewer people are retiring with pensions, making Social Security benefits an even more important piece of the retirement planning process. In the first of a three-part series, two of our wealth planning professionals discuss the basics of Social Security and what to consider…

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Health Savings Accounts—Triple Tax-Advantaged Investing

Interview With Andrew Busa, Victor Colella and Kari Wolfson

Retirees today can expect to pay almost $300,000 in health care costs during their retirement. Our team of financial planning professionals discusses the potent tax advantages of health savings accounts and how they can be a part of your wealth management…

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Ten Years Later—Lessons From a Market Collapse (and Recovery)

Interview With Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso

Lehman Brothers’ collapse 10 years ago kicked off the financial crisis. What lessons have we learned as long-term investors over the last decade? And how can you apply them to your portfolio going forward?…

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Bull Market Record, Bull

Interview With Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso
Are we in a record bull market or not? Does it matter? Learn what we think investors should focus on over the long term.

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Social Security's Role in Your Retirement

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Are You Ready for Retirement?

Interview With Liz Kesselman, Andrew Busa and Victor Colella

There’s no magic number or one-size-fits-all retirement strategy: The most important part is that you just start planning—the earlier, the better. Demystify the process with four simple questions.…

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Charitable Giving and the New Tax Code

Interview with Jeff DeMaso and Rick Winters

What impact will the new tax code have on your financial planning and your legacy? Here are some strategies to consider.…

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When Is the Right Time to Hire an Adviser?

Interview With Jeff DeMaso and Claudine Schrock

Market volatility can feel overwhelming and lead to bad decisions by do-it-yourself investors. When should you call in a pro?…

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Making Sense of Market Corrections

Interview With Jeff DeMaso and Brian Mackey

Market corrections are normal. But when do they signal something more, and how should they factor into your long-term investment plans?…

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Emerging Markets

Interview With Dan Wiener and Brian Mackey

Should you be invested in emerging markets? Check out this straightforward discussion on the risks and opportunities of putting your money to work in these growing economies.…

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Fidelity vs. Vanguard

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Battleship Balance Sheet Stocks

Interview With Dan Wiener and Charlie Toole

How do experts find stocks you can count on? One of our stock pickers explains how he cuts through the numbers to find valuable long-term holdings.…

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Odd-Lot Bonds

Interview With Dan Wiener and Jen Zebniak

There’s nothing odd about wanting more yield! Learn how individual investors can get more yield by picking up smaller lots from bond issuers.…

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