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Retirement Savings Rules Have Changed: Unpacking the SECURE Act


If you’ve got that large IRA balance, talk to a financial planner sooner rather than later about whether you’re going to need to update your estate plan.

Patrick Carlson, JD, LLM

Vice President of Wealth Services

The SECURE Act, signed into law at the end of 2019, is the most significant new legislation affecting retirement investing in more than a decade.

In this illuminating conversation, Vice President of Wealth Services Patrick Carlson sits down with Vice President Bob Lepson and Account Manager Geoffrey Turner to unpack the broad themes and impactful provisions of the new legislation.

Among the discussion topics:

  • New age limits for required minimum distributions from retirement accounts
  • Why inherited IRAs must be emptied faster for most beneficiaries
  • Improved access to annuities in 401(k) plans, and potential drawbacks
  • Penalty-free withdrawal options for new parents

It’s never too soon to be better informed about planning for retirement. To learn more, listen to the podcast by clicking the button above.

For additional background and analysis of the SECURE Act, read our The SECURE Act and Your Retirement report by clicking here.


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