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Dividend Stocks: Generating Income in a Low-Interest-Rate World


Historically, as an investor, [dividend-growth stocks] have been the best of both worlds. You get better returns and lower volatility.

Charlie Toole, CFA, CFP®

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Where’s an investor to find income opportunities that keep pace with inflation in an environment of low interest rates and considerable market volatility?

The managers of Adviser Investments’ Dividend Income strategy recently sat down for a conversation about the current landscape for dividend investors and what they look for when they’re constructing a portfolio. Join Portfolio Managers Charlie Toole and Steve Johnson and Equity Research Analyst Kate Austin in this informative discussion for dividend investors of all stripes.

Topics include:

  • Should income-focused investors seek out dividend-paying stocks or bonds when interest rates are low?
  • Signals suggesting a company is about to cut its dividend payment
  • How do dividends provide a window into how well a company is run?
  • What sectors should income-focused investors seek out?
  • … and much more!

It’s never too soon to get better acquainted with dividend-paying stocks and how they can serve as portfolio offense and defense. Click above to listen today!

And for more on this topic, please read our exclusive special report, Dividend-Growth Stocks: Investing for Growth and Income.


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