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Adviser Investments Quantitative (AIQ) Tactical Strategies use a quantitative approach to help investors optimize risk exposure in their portfolios. Each strategy adapts to the market environment, trading based on quantitative models that provide a systematic and unemotional approach to investing. All AIQ Tactical Strategies have the ability to shift to 100% cash to provide downside protection during declining markets.

We use tactical to put the science back into the art of finance—and we believe tactical strategies can help certain investors diversify portfolios and reduce overall levels of risk.

We Take Action in Volatile Markets

Avoiding the market’s worst days can be every bit as important to investment success as participating in upside moves. AIQ Tactical Strategies take measures to reduce losses during major market corrections while still seeking to capture a portion of market or asset class uptrends.

We Stay Disciplined

Our AIQ portfolio managers are guided by our quantitative models—an approach that offers a systematic buy-and-sell process that seeks to avoid the pitfalls of human emotions. In our experience, tactical strategies have historically demonstrated less correlation to broader asset classes. Our quantitative process uses cash as a defensive hedge and can help financial advisers create a customized portfolio more properly aligned with your objectives and risk tolerance.

Truly Personalized Wealth Management

Our Tactical Strategies

Reacting to the market in real time to provide downside protection.

AIQ Tactical High Income

A quantitative strategy seeking to provide a high level of income while maintaining the opportunity for capital appreciation. AIQ Tactical High Income uses a dual-signal approach to trade two sleeves between high-yield and cash. The strategy maximizes exposure when prices are steady, defensively trades to cash to protect capital and reinvests as positive trends reemerge.

AIQ Tactical Multi-Asset Income

An income-focused, multi-asset quantitative trading strategy designed to diversify and complement a traditional core stock or bond portfolio through a full market cycle. AIQ Tactical Multi-Asset Income divides the global marketplace into eight sleeves focused on fixed-income securities and equities, as well as currencies and commodities. Proprietary algorithms evaluate each sleeve independently of the others and designate one fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) representing each sleeve to be held at any given time. Individual sleeves can also default to a broad investment-grade bond ETF or cash when fewer sleeve options are trending or markets are volatile.

AIQ Tactical Defensive Growth

A quantitative trading strategy seeking to provide long-term capital appreciation with a focus on risk control through investments in U.S. stock exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bond ETFs and cash. The strategy can trade daily and allocates between large-cap U.S. stocks or bonds or cash for defense.

AIQ Tactical Global Growth

A quantitative, diversified equity strategy seeking long-term capital appreciation through investments in U.S. sector- and industry-specific exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as well as regional foreign market ETFs.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

The Dividend Income strategy is offered as part of a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Learn more about working with Adviser.

Our Philosophy

We Make Tactical Practical

Tactical means having a plan in place—taking short-term actions in a portfolio to better achieve long-term investment goals.

Preparation, Not Prediction

We focus on risk management through diversification and trade management. We do not forecast or predict market moves.

No Black Box

We aim to reduce complexity and improve understanding by building practical, rule-based strategies.

Our Clients

AIQ Tactical Strategies are best suited for investors seeking to control portfolio risk through a more active, systematic approach. Incorporating tactical strategies enables you to have a plan in place to keep your investments on track during periods of noise and uncertainty. This rule-based approach helps eliminate emotional trading. Tactical strategies have historically demonstrated less correlation to broader asset classes, complementing traditional portfolios and adding diversification that helps keep your overall holdings properly aligned with the efficient frontier.

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All investments and investment strategies are subject to risk of loss. Neither principal nor performance is guaranteed. Risk level varies by strategy. See each strategies’ factsheet and composite performance presentation for additional information on each strategy’s risks, objectives and performance.

Quantitative investment methods do not predict investment performance nor guarantee avoidance of loss or participation in capital appreciation. Our managers reserve the right to override strategy signals at their discretion if they believe it is justified and in the best interest of our clients.

Adviser Investments Quantitative Tactical Strategies are managed by Adviser Capital, a division of Adviser Investments, LLC.