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Our Process

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1. The Conversation

All client partnerships begin with a conversation so that we can develop a full understanding of how best we can help you. Your personal relationship manager will work with you to discover your investment and lifestyle goals, your risk comfort level and any other information relevant to crafting your custom-tailored wealth management plan.

2. Asset Allocation

Once we’ve discussed and come to an agreement on your personal investor profile, we consider the best way to allocate your assets between stocks, bonds and cash to provide a risk-managed road map to your goals.

3. Fund and Manager Selection

With a preliminary asset allocation plan in hand, we then build your portfolio from the bottom-up using our preferred actively managed mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds or individual bond investments.

4. Portfolio Review

A final step before we share your proposed portfolio with you is to present it to our Portfolio Review Committee, made up of members of our relationship, operations, research and investment teams, who closely go over your information once again to ensure it is personalized to your needs.

5. The Proposal

When we are confident that we have a comprehensive plan for your portfolio, we send you our proposal, which outlines how we’d invest your money. Together we’ll go over every detail of our proposal and ensure that you understand and are satisfied with your personal strategy.

The Final Step:
Your Peace of Mind

An accepted proposal is just the beginning of the services and support we’ll provide. Our goal is to relieve you of the worry and burden of managing your account yourself while providing best-in-class customer service. As a client, you can expect regular communication with our views on the markets and your investments, access to timely reports on investing and financial planning topics, and constant monitoring of your portfolio by our relationship, investment and operations teams.

Truly Personalized Wealth Management

Tailored advice, every time.

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