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Is Vanguard the Tom Hanks of Asset Management?

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Vanguard to Fold Active U.S. Value Into Passive Behemoth

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Vanguard to Merge Active Value Fund Into Larger Passive Fund

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Vanguard submits to value curse, plans to fold active fund into an index

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Vanguard merges away $1bn active value fund, ditches ‘diversified’ label

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Decision day for 1,300 Vanguard workers as their jobs head to India-based Infosys

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Vanguard Group moves record keeping to Infosys

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Money market fund yields are dropping, prompting fee waivers

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The manager lessons learned by $6bn Adviser Investments gatekeeper through the crisis

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Vanguard’s $9B T-Bond Fund Goes Negative — by One Measure

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