Vanguard Packs Another Manager Into International Explorer

Vanguard Packs Another Manager Into International Explorer

Vanguard Packs Another Manager Into International Explorer

No lazy days at the beach for Vanguard this summer. The fund giant wrapped up a busy few months by rethinking the management structure of its $2.4 billion International Explorer fund last week, bringing Baillie Gifford onto a roster that already included Schroder Investment Management, Wellington Management and TimesSquare Capital.

The addition of Baillie Gifford to International Explorer marked a reversal of sorts for Vanguard. In recent years, they have retreated from a tendency to pack funds with too many managers—something that we strongly oppose because it waters down performance against an index. But here comes a new multimanager muddle.

Baillie Gifford is having its moment in the sun in Malvern, Pa. With the 10% management stake in International Explorer, the firm has more investment “mandates” than any outside manager at Vanguard except Wellington Management. The Scotland-based investment firm manages portions of U.S. Growth, Global Equity, International Growth and Emerging Markets Select Stock. They also oversee a portion of the International Variable Annuity portfolio, giving them some $45 billion in Vanguard investor assets under management.

Many Mandates and $45 Billion in Assets

wdt_ID Fund Size (Billions) Baillie Gifford's Share Assets Managed
1 International Growth 51.4 66.0 34.0
2 U.S. Growth 35.8 15.0 5.4
3 Global Equity 6.8 50.0 3.4
4 International Variable Annuity 4.5 60.0 2.7
5 International Explorer 2.4 10.0 0.2
6 Emerging Markets Select Stock 0.7 25.0 0.2
7 Total 45.3

Source: Vanguard.

(The PRIMECAP Management team, another Vanguard sub-adviser, runs even more money, with three funds and a variable annuity under its purview totaling more than $90 billion under management.)

Is Baillie Gifford being spread too thin at Vanguard? Possibly. The move might lend a fresh perspective to International Explorer for a time, but adding a fourth team to lead this international small-cap fund doesn’t seem like a smart move overall.

Vanguard’s multimanager approach purports to reduce the risk of a single manager exiting the firm or placing a bad bet that takes the portfolio down. But it also limits the ability of a manager to have a cohesive vision and add value for shareholders. Likewise, it leaves investors with less insight into how their money is being managed and leads to lower transparency into how and what each manager is contributing.

Schroders is the loser here, seeing its allocation cut from 50% to 40%, while Wellington retains its 30% slug. Could Vanguard be building toward reducing headcount at the fund over the next year or two as Baillie Gifford gets its bearings? We’ll be watching.

New Leadership Coming to Leading Vanguard Sub-Adviser

We noted above that Wellington Management leads the pack of Vanguard sub-advisers when it comes to assets under management. And come next summer, there’ll be a new leader at Wellington’s helm.

In breaking news yesterday, Wellington announced that Jean Hynes will be succeeding Brendan Swords as CEO of the Boston-based investment group when he retires at the end of June 2021. One of Wellington’s three managing partners, Hynes joined the firm in 1991 upon graduation from Wellesley College. She also serves as a global industry analyst covering pharmaceuticals and biotech.

“I’m excited that Jean Hynes will be my successor,” said Mr. Swords in a press release. “Over the course of her nearly 30 years at the firm, she has demonstrated the vision, optimism, and fortitude to lead Wellington in the years ahead.”

Hynes has been the sole manager of the $49.0 billion Vanguard Health Care fund since 2013 after being added as a co-manager in 2008. The plan is for her to continue running the portfolio following her appointment to Wellington’s top job.

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