Adviser Investments —7 Retirement Spending Essentials

7 Retirement Spending Essentials

Is your future fully funded? We’re here to help.


1. Factor in inflation.

Without proper planning, rising prices can leave you with less than you need.

2. Consider health care costs.

Let’s make sure you have enough to cover your projected medical expenses.

3. Plan your legacy.

We can help you factor an inheritance into your retirement spending plan.

4. Expect the unexpected.

You’ll need a buffer against unanticipated expenses like home repairs.

5. Keep it simple.

Try the “4% rule” or let’s choose another strategy that suits your needs.

6. Remember RMDs.

Know the latest rules around Required Minimum Distributions.

7. Work with an adviser you trust.

 Our financial planners are knowledgeable and accessible.

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About Adviser Investments

Over $6 Billion Under Management and 25 Years in Business

Adviser Investments was founded, in part, to meet the demands of subscribers to Chairman Dan Wiener’s independent Vanguard newsletter who wanted him to oversee their investments. Our doors opened in 1994 with one client and $170,000 under management. In 1999, we brought on Jim Lowell for his extensive Fidelity expertise.

More than 25 years later, we’re a full-service wealth management firm. We employ more than 90 people, work with more than 3,500 clients and oversee over $6 billion and counting.

As we grew, our portfolios began to feature funds not only from Vanguard and Fidelity, but also from fund families like Artisan, Baillie Gifford, PRIMECAP Management and beyond. And we’ve added a full range of in-house services for our clients, including financial planning, tax preparation, a managed bond program and 401(k) advisory services.

No matter our size, our goal remains the same: To provide institutional-quality wealth management with the same personal touch as we did when all our clients could fit around a kitchen table.


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