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Jim Lowell on NBC 10: Global Vaccine Currently a ‘Pipe Dream’

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on NBC 10 to discuss the stock market’s reaction to early promising signs of a COVID-19 vaccine by Moderna. Jim said that right now the medical data is hopeful, but it’s only hopeful. Plus, he noted, thoughts of manufacturing a vaccine on a global scale are mere pipe dreams for now.

Lowell on NBC 10: Congress Should Invest in Infrastructure, Education

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on NBC 10 to discuss income provisions in new relief proposals being floated by some members of the Senate. Jim explained why he doesn’t think throwing money at the problem makes a lot of sense, and would rather see bipartisan investments in infrastructure and the technological inroads that would lead to a more equitably educated workforce.

Wiener’s Barron’s Roundtable: Our Active Management Conviction

Amid economic unknowns and epidemiological uncertainties, Dan illustrates how we’re continuing to stick with our investment discipline and pursuing long-term growth opportunities for our valued clients, and notes that the very same strategies and funds are found in our company’s retirement plan—just one of the ways we keep our interests aligned with our clients’.

Lowell on NBC10: Tripadvisor Layoffs a Travel Industry Bellwether

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on NBC 10 Tuesday to discuss Tripadvisor’s announcement of 900 layoffs and the shuttering of its Boston office. Jim explained the pandemic is likely to have a multi-year impact on global travel, and domestic trips will be disrupted for months to come. Jim also warned that Tripadvisor could be a bellwether for the travel industry; more pain may lay ahead.

Separating Pandemic Noise From Investment Signals

Actions to curb the coronavirus pandemic forced our slow-growth economy into recession, putting an end to the 11-year stock bull market—from a human, economic and market viewpoint, the virus’ spread has taken a swift and steep toll. But despite the challenges, we believe that opportunities remain for long-term investors with well-diversified portfolios. And we’re all in this together. This webinar is your chance to hear from some of our chief investment strategists as they discuss how our firm handles volatile markets with investors like you.

Lowell on CNBC: IBM Earnings a Guide to the Markets

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC Wednesday, where he discussed what he learned from IBM’s first-quarter earnings and what they signal about the months ahead for businesses large, medium and small. Jim believes the question is whether the economic turnaround comes as early as the third quarter, or, depending on the medical data and the pandemic’s spread, the slump protracts.

Lowell on NBC: Advice for Coronavirus Financial Hardship

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell lent his expertise to NBC 10 this week to discuss the virus’ impact on families in Massachusetts. Jim recommended that viewers should proactively contact their banks and their landlords if they’re expecting to struggle making ends meet.

Lowell on CNBC: Medical—Not Economic—Data Is What Matters Now

Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell appeared on CNBC World to discuss the unprecedented action of the Federal Reserve that, while meant to provide a foundation of confidence, came at a scale that suggested urgent action was necessary. Jim also explained why he believes that upcoming economic data is relatively meaningless; what matters over the short term is the medical data related to COVID-19 or any promising news of potential treatments.

Wiener on CNBC: Believe in Blockchain, Not Bitcoin

Chairman Dan Wiener appeared on CNBC to discuss the latest bitcoin ETF to be rejected by regulators. He explained that he sees bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as valid manifestations of blockchain technology, but there are many other convenient ways to move money around without the need to hide your identity.

Wiener on CNBC: Choppy Markets Bring Opportunity for Active Managers

Chairman Dan Wiener appeared on CNBC to discuss the difference between trading and investing. He spoke about how five days don’t tell you much about the skill of an active fund manager, and then went over his thought process during the market’s steep declines last week.

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