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Beyond the June Swoon

Wall Street’s bears retreated to their dens this holiday-shortened week, with the S&P 500 index advancing 6.4% in just four days through today's close. That’s a reassuring if not-yet-resilient turnaround after last week’s 5.8% decline. Despite the reversal, June’s been a tough month. With four trading days left , the S&P has …

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The ETF Advantage

Benefits and Risks of Exchange-Traded Funds

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Is the 4% Retirement Spending Rule Obsolete?

This week’s reader question is about retirement spending: Is the classic 4% rule still valid and how should I factor inflation into my retirement spending budget? Maybe, and yes. This ubiquitous retirement spending maxim, the “4% rule,” came into vogue in the 1990s. The financial planner who created it, William Bengen, examined historical …

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