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What to Expect From Your Adviser Investments Team

How does Adviser Investments approach client service?

From the very start, you will be partnered with a dedicated relationship team, composed of a financial adviser and one or more client service representatives. Your team will get to know you and be available every step of the way to ensure that your portfolio is aligned with your goals, and that your financial planning needs and service requests are addressed. As a client, you’re always in the driver’s seat; your adviser and client service representative serve as navigators to guide you along your journey.

Your financial adviser manages your investments and provides a roadmap to help you stay on track with your financial goals.

Your client service representative is your one-stop shop for all things service-related, including helping you with paperwork, money movement transactions and much more.

How often will I interact with my Adviser Investments team?

As The Adviser You Can Talk To®, consistent and frequent communication is our defining approach. Your financial adviser and client service representative are always just a phone call, email or Zoom session away. The benefit of working with a team means you will always speak with someone who is familiar with you. As items come up throughout the year (life events, regulatory changes, etc.), it gives us the opportunity to talk as often as you’d like.

In addition to ongoing personal communication, you’ll have the benefit of receiving our weekly email update, access to our quarterly webinar, bimonthly podcasts and special reports on timely investing and financial planning topics.

What types of requests can my client service representative help with?

Your client service representative will be your personal concierge at Adviser Investments. During the client introductory phase, known as “onboarding,” they make sure your accounts are set up correctly and that transfers are completed accurately and on time.

They also handle important account maintenance requests for clients, such as adding new bank instructions to an account, establishing a periodic withdrawal plan or updating beneficiaries. They keep clients apprised of important deadlines—for instance, IRA contributions or required minimum distributions, along with service offerings that enhance the client experience, like Adviser Insights (our online portal), or DocuSign to sign and securely share financial documents online. And that’s just the beginning. Your client service representative is just as accessible to you as your adviser and is there to assist you whenever you need them.

What are the standards of care at Adviser Investments?

Our high standard of care is the foundation upon which our service was built. In everything we do, we understand that top notch, quality service is paramount to client satisfaction.

  • We are held to a fiduciary standard of care, meaning we put our clients’ best interests first
  • We believe in accountability—we do what we say we’ll do
  • We are active listeners and attentive to client needs
  • We are responsive and available when you write or call

What services do you provide?

We offer a comprehensive suite of wealth management services. Our core areas of service are investment management, financial planning, 401(k) plan advice and estate and tax planning. Clients traditionally partner with us for our investment management and financial planning expertise. We also have family office and in-house tax preparation services that are extensions of our core offerings. Your financial adviser and client service representative will be glad to discuss any questions you have on any of our services, and they’ll help you decide where to get started. We love to see our clients taking advantage of all we have to offer!

When should I contact you?

We encourage you to call us anytime you have financial planning or account-related questions and to let us know about upcoming life events (such as retirement, getting married or divorced, or selling a home or a business). While every financial decision is yours to make, your financial adviser and client service representative are happy to offer their advice and guidance, rooted in our 25-plus years of institutional knowledge, whenever you need it or want it.

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