Year-End Thoughts For Your Portfolio Or Personal Life
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2021 Year-End Thoughts for Your Portfolio and Personal Life

November 15, 2021
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When the days get shorter, it also means time is running out to make year-end tax-saving moves. This exclusive checklist provides straightforward, proactive tips for investors of every stripe. Taking the time to fine-tune your portfolio now may help prevent bigger headaches and tax bills come April.

Topics include:

  • Considerations on rebalancing your portfolio
  • Harvesting tax losses to offset investment gains
  • Maximizing tax-deferred growth
  • Guidelines for charitable donations

Save Some Money and Do Some Good

While it can be difficult to focus on tax preparation during the hectic holiday season, it’s a good time to take steps that can pay dividends next year and beyond. Managing some of these strategies can be tricky, so we recommend you consult with a professional tax or wealth planning adviser before taking action.


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