What is ESG Investing and how does it work?

Do Well While Doing Good: Adviser Investments’ ESG Portfolios

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)—aligning a portfolio with one’s values—has been practiced for decades. Now it has burst into the mainstream under a new moniker: “ESG,” or Environmental, Social and Governance investments.

Adviser Investments is pleased to introduce two distinct ESG strategies that seek to earn a reasonable return while investing in companies that help improve the world we live in.

Our ESG Core strategy is built upon Adviser Investments’ Active Acumen™ analysis. We leverage the insights of a select group of active mutual fund managers into custom-tailored portfolios of ETFs and index funds that align with our clients’ ESG values and investment goals.

Our stock-only ESG Dividend Income Stock portfolio invests in large U.S. companies with a long history of paying and growing dividends over time, while excluding stocks that don’t meet our clear-cut ESG criteria.

Fill out the form on this page to learn more about our ESG strategies, or call us at (800) 492-6868 for more information. Today’s the day to start doing well while doing good with Adviser Investments’ ESG portfolios!

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