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Retirement Spending Solutions

In terms of investing and retirement, most of the emphasis is placed upon saving enough. But there’s another crucial element to plan for—spending. Just as you need a retirement savings plan to build a nest egg, a retirement spending plan is essential to ensuring peace of mind across the entirety of your retirement years.

This special report, available exclusively from Adviser Investments, analyzes the merits and flaws of some of the more common retirement withdrawal plans we’ve come across, including:

  • The “4% Rule,” which calls for withdrawing 4% annually upon retirement
  • A fixed annuity strategy that guarantees income for the entirety of your retirement years
  • The “Bucket Strategy” that divides stocks, bonds and cash into separate subsets
  • The “Constant Percentage Method” of withdrawing a set amount per year
  • … And more!

All your hard work saving for retirement can go right out the window without a proper spending plan. Please complete the form on this page to receive this free, no-obligation special report now!

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