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Retirement Spending Solutions

July 7, 2022

We hear from many clients who feel apprehensive when they start spending their retirement savings. It can feel unnatural after you’ve been focused on saving for decades. Or… maybe you can’t wait to spend!

Either way, it’s critical that you make the transition from saving to spending using strategic retirement income withdrawal strategies, ultimately prolonging your retirement income.

Understand the four most common retirement income withdrawal plans, including the merits and flaws of each. Read our special report.

Planning Ahead

When it comes to investing and retirement, most of the emphasis is placed upon saving enough, but there’s another crucial element to plan for: Spending. Just as a retirement savings plan is essential in building a nest egg, a retirement spending plan is equally important in making sure your money doesn’t run out too soon.

This special report, available exclusively from Adviser Investments, analyzes the merits and flaws of some of the more common retirement withdrawal plans we’ve come across, including:

  • The “4% Rule,” which calls for withdrawing 4% annually upon retirement
  • A fixed annuity strategy that guarantees income for the entirety of your retirement years
  • The “Bucket Strategy” that divides stocks, bonds and cash into separate subsets
  • The “Constant Percentage Method” of withdrawing a set amount per year
  • … And more!

Whether it’s maintaining the same quality of life, beginning a new hobby, traveling more or leaving an estate for your heirs, how you manage your spending as well as your investing in retirement can mean the difference between a lifestyle free from worry and sleepless nights.

At Adviser Investments, we find that when it comes to retirement, writer H.L. Mencken’s aphorism is apt: “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.”

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