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Special Report

Market Victory Is Fleeting

January 15, 2022

Looking back at the winners and losers in your portfolio is easy. Keeping a long-term perspective and anticipating when a market leader might lose steam is much harder.

It’s a simple investing truth that, in a diversified portfolio, one or more holdings will always be outperforming the rest and one or more will be lagging. Equally true is the fact that individual holdings or asset classes can rapidly shift from the “winners” column to the “runners-up” position and back again.

U.S. stocks have put together an impressive string of outperformance over foreign stocks and bonds during the last 10 years—our Market Victory Is Fleeting special report is required reading for those questioning if it’s time to go all-in on U.S. stocks and forget about diversification.

In this piece, we cover 40 years of market history, including:

  • Comparative analysis of U.S. stocks’ returns compared to bonds’ and foreign stocks’
  • How widely the performance pendulum has swung between the asset classes over short periods of time
  • One of the biggest errors investors can make

The U.S. stock market has outperformed virtually all other major markets over the last dozen years—can the trend last?

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