Why You Should Focus on Market Cycles, Not Election Cycles
Special Report

Focus on Market Cycles, Not Election Cycles

October 24, 2017

Set against global economic uncertainty and dire electioneering forecasts for the worst of times here, it’s hard to stay focused on the evidence for continued slow growth (not no growth) in the U.S.

The 2020 primary-to-presidential election campaign is provoking more concern about our country’s future than any in recent memory. But amid heated rhetoric and lofty promises, we will not be deterred from our well-reasoned, evidence-backed investment discipline.

In this exclusive report, we’ll discuss why, from an investing standpoint, you can mostly ignore all the melodrama leading up to and through 2020’s election outcome.

Topics include:

  • How markets perform in a president’s first year
  • Average four-year returns for both parties’ presidents
  • The impact of political rhetoric on market volatility

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