What Interest-Rate Hikes Really Mean for Your Portfolio

Is Your Portfolio Ready for a Rising-Rate Environment?

Is Your Portfolio Ready for a Rising-Rate Environment?

Rising rates are here! Where does this leave investors?

To recap: Over the last three years, the economy has been whipsawed by COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns and a rapid reopening bounce back. As a result, inflation has heated up, as has the job market. The policymakers at the Federal Reserve, tasked with providing economic stability, have determined that the best way to provide it is to raise short-term interest rates. They expect to make a series of moves this year that will increase the fed funds rate from near zero to somewhere around 2%.

In modern history, every time the Fed has raised rates, investors are left to wonder what it will mean for the markets and their portfolios. Will the stock market plunge? Our research team hit the history books to find out and we’ve created a special report on the subject— you’ll want to know what they found out.

In our exclusive analysis, we cover:

  • How rate hikes impact stocks, bonds and cash
  • The fed funds rate and why it matters
  • Economic conditions prior to the last seven rate-hike cycles compared to today
  • The opportunity cost of trying to time a shift into cash

If you’ve ever wondered what all the fuss is about when the Fed changes policy, this is the perfect time to find out what is actually going on and what it might mean for your investments. Please fill out the form on this page to receive your free copy of this report now!

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