Webinar—Inflation, Inoculation and Infrastructure: Defining the New Normal

What Market Themes Will Define This Quarter?
Expert Analysis From Experienced Investment Strategists

In our live, interactive webinar, we shared our views on the markets and the rebounding economy and what we expect for stocks as vaccinations rise and the country reopens. You can view a replay by filling out the form on this page.

Chairman Dan Wiener and Director of Research Jeff DeMaso offered their thoughts on the influence of stimulus on the recovery, their inflation expectations amid pandemic-distorted data, the health care sector’s role in markets and portfolios, and the potentially wide-ranging impact of infrastructure spending.

In our Q&A segment, Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell, Vice President Charlie Toole and Research Analyst Liz Laprade answered viewer questions on a gamut of topics. They addressed the direction of interest rates, whether the stock market is overvalued, inflation’s effect on dividend stocks and muni bonds, Bitcoin and more.

We’ve just experienced stocks’ best 12-month return in over 60 years—to hear our experts’ answers to your most pressing questions about where we go from here, watch it now!

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