Exclusive Special Report: Top 10 Investor Blunders

Ten Top Investor Blunders

Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Portfolio?

What’s an investment blunder? What’s a healthy money move? How do you tell the difference between the two?

Just as health and wellness in our everyday lives depends upon making good choices, so it goes for our investment portfolios. When it comes to your long-term goals, dodging portfolio pratfalls can be just as important as choosing your investments wisely.

In over 25 years of helping our clients achieve their long-term investment goals, we’ve seen it all. Our Top 10 Investor Blunders special report pulls together a list of 10 common mistakes to avoid, including:

  • Assuming indexing is a low-risk strategy
  • Buying an annuity in a tax-deferred account
  • Failing to diversify
  • Buying and selling on emotions

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