Protecting Your Assets to Pursue Your Passions - Adviser Investments

Significant personal assets require expert protection. Learn more about how to protect your assets as a highly successful individual or family.

The more complex and busy your life becomes, the simpler it is to see:

Significant personal assets and wealth require expert protection.

Lori Cataldi is an expert on personal risk management from Gallagher Risk Management Services, with decades of experience in helping people determine how best to protect their assets. Wealth Advisers Chris Hagan and Alden Witman have helped hundreds of their clients come up with holistic wealth management plans that account for their unique needs.

In this webinar, they’ll be discussing some of the common concerns and special challenges of highly successful families and individuals, and taking your questions on how to best address your situation.


Featured Speakers

Chris Hagan, CRPC®, MBA, ChFC®

Partner, Wealth Adviser, Adviser Investments

Alden Witman, CFP®, AWMA®

Wealth Adviser, Adviser Investments

Lori Cataldi

Personal Risk Management Expert, Gallagher Personal Risk Managment


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