Managing Responsibilities Upon the Loss of a Loved One—Special Report

A loved one’s passing can be emotionally overwhelming—and then comes all of the responsibilities you may inherit. Managing the affairs of someone who has passed is a lot for any one person to handle. We created this checklist to not only provide support but also help make a very difficult time a little bit easier.

Available exclusively from Adviser Investments, this special report and checklist will help you get started and stay organized as you manage through the months ahead. Topics include:

  • Matters that must be taken care of very soon after someone passes
  • Steps to take in the first few weeks to start to settle your loved one’s affairs
  • How to begin to settle the estate, get ahead of tax requirements and avoid potential risks such as identity theft
  • Plus: A comprehensive list of documents, information and other items you’ll need—including many that can be located and organized in advance

It’s never too soon to become more informed. Please complete the form on this page to receive this free, no-obligation checklist and special report today!

Download Managing Responsibilities Upon the Loss of a Loved One

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