Investing Globally: More Variety, More Opportunities

After the tech bubble burst and markets bottomed in October 2002, the U.S. stock market recovered over the next five years with a 120% gain. While that may sound enviable, foreign stocks doubled the U.S. market over the same stretch, generating a 239% return.

Back then, it was almost heresy to suggest that investing overseas was a loser’s game. But today, after a decade-plus of dominance for U.S. stocks over their foreign counterparts, investors seem to have forgotten the nuances of global investing—that market leadership changes, and a smart, diversified investor allocates to stocks both home and abroad to not miss out when the tide turns.

That’s why we’ve always felt it is important to have foreign stock market exposure in client portfolios. We have good reason to think there are great opportunities for investors willing to venture beyond our shores today.

In this special report, available exclusively from Adviser Investments, you’ll learn why investing in foreign companies might make sense for you. Among the factors:

  • The large number of foreign companies nearly doubles the investable universe over a U.S.-only strategy
  • Foreign investors are paying far less for every dollar of earnings
  • Foreign markets may present greater upside opportunity at this stage of their economic and market recoveries

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