Special Report: Going Small Overseas—Why It Makes Sense

Going Small Overseas

Strategies for Investing Internationally

A good deal hiding in plain sight—it’s not something investors come across every day. Yet our investment team has found that stocks of smaller foreign companies have tended to deliver stronger returns than those of larger international companies over the last 20 years.

Our research shows that the opportunity for active managers to outperform in the foreign small- and mid-cap arena (s/mid-caps) and the attractive risk-return profile of these stocks over time make this overlooked asset class worth considering for a diversified portfolio.

In this special report, available exclusively from Adviser Investments, you’ll learn why investing in smaller companies based in foreign countries might make sense for you. Among the factors:

  • Smaller foreign stocks tend to be overlooked and under-researched, making them more attractive to active managers
  • Evidence shows that even an average foreign s/mid-cap manager could be a better bet than an index fund focused on the same segment of the market
  • Foreign s/mid-caps pay dividends more often than U.S. companies, helping them hold up better in bear markets

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