Focus on Market Cycles, Not Election Cycles

Focus on Market Cycles, Not Election Cycles

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Don’t Let Presidential Politics Derail Your Portfolio

About 12 months from now, voters will determine who sits in the White House and holds seats in the Senate and House of Representatives. Does a change in D.C. matter for your portfolio?

The media places so much emphasis on how financial markets are impacted by election results. Plus, candidates are always setting lofty expectations for their performance and predict disaster if their opponent prevails. This makes it hard to avoid worrying about the prospects for your portfolio should your candidate lose.

Our special report, Focus on Market Cycles, Not Election Cycles, available exclusively from Adviser Investments, cuts through all the noise and gets down to the facts. In it, we compare stock returns during each party’s time in office to show how markets performed over the long term under Democrats and Republicans.

Topics include:

  • How markets perform in a president’s first year
  • Average four-year returns under each party
  • The impact of political rhetoric on market volatility

Even though the elections are a year away, it’s never too soon to prepare. Learn more about the risks and opportunities politics present to your investment portfolio. Please complete the form on this page to receive your copy of this special report. It’s free and there is no obligation to you!

All investing is subject to risk of loss. Portfolio volatility related to political events and elections generally cannot be avoided nor can protection against such be guaranteed. Our report “Focus on Market Cycles, Not Election Cycles” discusses these events and the resulting historical market data.

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