Coronavirus and Your Portfolio: What to Know

Experts Weigh In: Coronavirus and Your Portfolio

We’ve just been through two very unsettling weeks, both from a world health perspective and as investors. Given the unknown scale, duration and toll of the pandemic, it’s understandable to be fearful. But we also know that panic is neither a plan nor an investment discipline.

In this timely podcast, Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell, Director of Research Jeff DeMaso and Vice President Steve Johnson discuss what’s changed since the markets were trading at new highs less than a month ago. How are they seeing the coronavirus in the context of markets and the economy?

Topics include:

  • How bonds have been working as expected in diversified portfolios
  • The role of dividend-paying stocks when bond yields are low
  • The history of bear markets and the wealth-building opportunities that can follow
  • The economic impact of an oil-price shock on top of virus unknowns

Fear tends to fill the vacuum when information is scarce. But making radical portfolio changes based on fear can do more harm than good over the long-term. To learn more about how these seasoned professionals view investing during a crisis, fill out the form to listen now.

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