529 Plans: A Smarter Way to Save for College?

529 Plans: A Smarter Way to Save for College?

How to Plan, Save and Pay for the Cost of Education

By now, most people know that 529 plans are an easy way to help a grandchild or other loved one save for college. But their built-in federal tax benefits and high contribution limits also make them an attractive wealth-transfer and estate-planning vehicle.

Tuition inflation has always been high, and now we’re contending with higher overall inflation. If you’re looking for a way to help your family save and pay for education costs or just want to learn how a 529 plan can fit into your legacy planning, consider this report required reading.

Topics include:

  • The two types of 529 plans
  • Estate planning and tax benefits
  • The impact on financial aid
  • Special rules for grandparents

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