Exclusive Special Report: 5 Cybersecurity Tips

5 Cybersecurity Tips

Keep Your Money & Identity Safe Online

The internet makes life more convenient. During the pandemic, it became more of a lifeline than ever before. And while the post-pandemic era has seen most of the world reopen and made face-to-face gatherings more frequent, the average adult still spends over 8 hours online a day.

Without precautions, your online habits can put your personal information and financial accounts at higher risk of fraud.

Internet scams and security breaches are nothing new, but they have grown in number and complexity. And cybercriminals continue their efforts to separate the unprepared from their personal info and money using the traditional schemes.

How can you safely manage your life online? Our 5 Cybersecurity Tips is a handy reference guide to:

  • Identifying common scams
  • Establishing safe email habits
  • Making your social media profiles less susceptible to malware and identity theft
  • Keeping financial accounts protected and communicating securely with your advisers
  • Avoiding “ransomware” and “malware” attacks
  • … and more!

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