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IRS Extends 2020 RMD Relief Waivers

July 10, 2020

Two weeks ago, we briefly discussed the IRS notice that offered relief to anyone who took a required minimum distribution (RMD) early in 2020—extending and expanding on a CARES Act waiver that gave people additional time to return that money to retirement accounts, penalty-free. Here’s a little more detail on …

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June 26, 2020

In 2019, 57 million Americans worked a full- or part-time freelance job, a number that was trending upward even before the millions of layoffs caused by measures to curb the pandemic’s spread. So how do you start working for yourself in a way that sets you up for success? If …

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Fidelity vs. Vanguard

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Considering Early Retirement

Uncertainty persists about when and if the economy and job market will return to normal—it’s left many people pondering (or being forced into) retiring sooner than they may have planned. Whether it’s a deeply personal decision or a suddenly imposed one, if you’ve found yourself wondering (or worrying) about retiring …

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Stock Buybacks: Public Enemy Number One?

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