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Investment Trends Are Fleeting: Defending Against Recency Bias

FEATURING Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso

Amid a global pandemic, tech stocks are off to the races, interest rates are in the basement and gold is fashionable again. Are these market developments going to last? And if so, how can you take advantage? Join Chairman Dan Wiener and Director of Research Jeff …

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What Earnings Reports Reveal About the Economic Toll of COVID-19

FEATURING Jeff DeMaso, Steve Johnson and Kate Austin

You’ve probably seen the staggering figures: Second-quarter earnings are down 35%. But when is a 35% slide not quite as devastating as it sounds? Maybe in the midst of a pandemic. Join Director of Research Jeff DeMaso and two members of our Dividend Income …

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The Portfolio Impact of Politics and Pandemic

FEATURING Jeff DeMaso and Liz Laprade

How is the “reopening” of the economy going? How has the spread of COVID-19 impacted those efforts? And what will the results of the 2020 election mean for investors? These three questions sum up some of the bigger worries for investors today. And while the reopening …

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What Freelancers Need to Know

FEATURING Andrew Busa and JonPaul McBride

More than a third of American workers now have a freelance gig—including many former retirees. In this episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, Andrew Busa and JonPaul McBride cover some important need-to-knows for anyone considering taking on freelance work, including:

  • Using freelance income

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Taking Stock: Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell’s Mid-Year Market Assessment

Featuring Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell

The first half of 2020 saw record market highs before COVID-19 took its expansive human, economic and stock market toll. With volatility raging, monetary and fiscal policy provided a safety net, and some investors may be feeling that the worst of times are behind us. Is …

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Dividend Stocks: Generating Income in a Low-Interest-Rate World

FEATURING Charlie Toole, Steve Johnson and Kate Austin

Where’s an investor to find income opportunities that keep pace with inflation in an environment of low interest rates and considerable market volatility? The managers of Adviser Investments’ Dividend Income strategy recently sat down for a conversation about the current landscape for dividend investors and …

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Fidelity vs. Vanguard

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Don’t Fight the Fed! (Especially in a Pandemic)

You’ve probably heard the old investment maxim: “Don’t fight the Fed.” But what exactly does that mean, and how does it apply to the challenges of today’s markets? In this episode of The Adviser You Can Talk To Podcast, Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell and Vice President Liz Kesselman talk about the …

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Is This Normal? Stock Market Performance During Recessions

Featuring Jeff DeMaso and Charlie Toole

You couldn’t miss it, but now it’s official—we’re in a recession. The National Bureau of Economic Research, the trusted authority in making these calls, announced last week that the U.S. entered a recession in the first quarter due to pandemic-related economic slumps. Yet the stock market …

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Don’t Buy the Hype! The Investment Risks of Misleading Headlines

FEATURING Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell

The steady barrage of news can be irresistible and overwhelming in stressful and uncertain times. Obtaining and maintaining a rational perspective that rises above the daily noise is tough even on the best of days, let alone during a turbulent year like 2020. Yet as long-term …

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Bad, But Getting Better: A Fact-Based Look at Reopening the Economy

FEATURING Jeff DeMaso and Liz Laprade

What does “reopening” the economy mean? What does it look like? And is it working? Consumer spending, manufacturing and mobility numbers remain very low, but they are getting better. So how are we using a variety of medical, economic and societal data to inform our economic …

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Jim Lowell and Liz Kesselman: Insights From Three Generations of Money Managers

FEATURING Jim Lowell and Liz Kesselman

Dinner discussion varies from family to family, be it sports, politics, religion or neighborhood gossip. For Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell, those conversations centered around stocks, bonds, cash and savings accounts—and the insights gleaned from generations of money managers who persevered and thrived through both tough …

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Dan Wiener and Jim Lowell: Why Are Markets Rising in a Recession?

The COVID-19-related economic decline is undeniable. We’ve seen unprecedented unemployment, record drops in consumer spending and rampant speculation that many businesses and jobs aren’t going to survive the pandemic’s economic shock. Yet stock market prices have gone higher and higher: What gives? In this special episode of The Adviser You Can Talk …

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