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The Portfolio Impact of Politics and Pandemic

July 29, 2020

Episode Description
FEATURING Jeff DeMaso and Liz Laprade

How is the “reopening” of the economy going? How has the spread of COVID-19 impacted those efforts? And what will the results of the 2020 election mean for investors?

These three questions sum up some of the bigger worries for investors today. And while the reopening and the upcoming election may seem like disparate topics, they both fall under the old maxim: You can always find a good reason not to invest. But even during nerve-wracking periods, we’ve found that spending time in the market has been an enduring means of growing your wealth over time.

Listen in as Director of Research Jeff DeMaso and Research Analyst Liz Laprade discuss some of their latest research on economic shutdowns and reopenings, what the medical data is telling us, and the historical record of market performance under both Democratic and Republican presidents.

In this insightful conversation, Jeff and Liz cover:

  • How other countries’ reopening efforts have gone and how they’ve attempted to combat the virus
  • The dramatic geographical disparities in states’ approaches to reopening and COVID-19’s spread
  • The data behind the disconnect between the current recession and stocks’ strong rebound
  • How markets have performed leading up to and following presidential elections
  • … and much more

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The economy took the elevator on the way down in March and April, and we’re taking the stairs on the way back up.

Jeff DeMaso, CFA

Director of Research

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