The Election, The Vaccine and The Market | Podcast
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Post-Election Market Trends and a Vaccine’s Effect on Earnings


In all my 20-some-odd years of [investing], Monday was one of the most interesting days I’ve witnessed on the back of the Pfizer vaccine news.

Steve Johnson

Portfolio Manager

An end to election uncertainty and encouraging COVID-19 vaccine news sent stocks surging. But typically, it’s not news, but corporate earnings results that drive the stock market. How are these recent blockbuster events likely to impact bottom lines and outlooks as companies grapple with renewed coronavirus challenges?

Join Director of Research Jeff DeMaso and Dividend Income Portfolio Managers Charlie Toole and Steve Johnson as they answer the following questions:

  • It is time to be bullish?
  • What slumping sectors will offer opportunities?
  • Can tech stocks maintain their recent market leadership?
  • How will a new administration’s policies affect the bond market?

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