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Coronavirus Crisis Update


The one thing that we know about all bear markets is that they end.

Dan Wiener


We’re used to events and markets changing rapidly, but that pace has increased exponentially with the spread of the coronavirus. While alarm bells are ringing, we are sticking with our process and taking a rational approach to managing our clients’ wealth during this sudden bear market.

Join Chairman Dan Wiener and Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell as they discuss their perspectives on what’s happening in the markets, how Adviser Investments has prepared for a crisis like this and the opportunities Dan and Jim see for investors going forward.

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As events continue to unfold, we’ll be updating our podcast and blog page regularly to keep you informed on the latest developments and our response.

Note: Dan Wiener mentions that Adviser Investments employees are invested in the same funds as clients through our 401(k) plan. Our retirement plan does include the same funds our clients are invested in; additionally, employees have the option to choose funds outside of the plan or to choose not to participate in the plan. Employees are eligible for the plan after one year of full-time employment.


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