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Jim Lowell

Chief Investment Officer

Jim is a former Forbes investment columnist and longstanding editor of the independent Fidelity Investor and Fidelity Sector Investor newsletters. A frequent contributor to CNBC and CNBC World as well as Bloomberg, Fox Business News and Nightly Business Report, Jim has written several books on investing, including How to Survive in the Real WorldInvesting from Scratch and Smart Money Moves (Penguin) as well as What Every Fidelity Investor Needs to Know (Wiley). He is also the president of FundWorks, Inc., an independent research firm that tracks the performance records of individual fund managers and publishes Fidelity Investor and Fidelity Sector Investor. Jim received his B.A. from Vassar College (where he majored in Philosophy). He also holds master’s degrees in theological studies from Harvard Divinity School and Anglo-Irish literature from Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). Jim also serves on Harvard Divinity School’s Dean’s Council and is active in other charitable works.

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