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Strategy Overview

Adviser Capital American Ingenuity is an actively managed, concentrated portfolio of U.S. stocks that seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in innovative, growth-oriented companies that are strategically positioned within their industries. Curated by Portfolio Manager Adam Johnson, the strategy’s objective is to invest in compelling themes and companies driving the world forward.

Inspired by Innovation and Opportunity

American ingenuity is the organizing theme that helps set this strategy apart from other aggressive growth strategies. Its objective is to capitalize on an era of rapid innovation by investing in companies that demonstrate excellence, stand for progress and are poised to be the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Dynamic U.S. Companies Across Industries

This strategy targets industrious U.S. enterprises of all sizes across multiple sectors, including energy, health care and technology, all with three defining attributes: A compelling story, supportive data and a definable catalyst for growth.

Truly Personalized Wealth Management

About the Portfolio Manager

Adam Johnson, Portfolio Manager

Adam’s Wall Street career spans decades and includes positions at ING, Louis Dreyfus and Merrill Lynch. He’s the founder of the Bullseye Brief newsletter (a publication separate from Adviser Investments), which explores actionable stock picks and is sent to subscribers weekly. Previously, Adam anchored several daily programs on Bloomberg Television, interviewing CEOs, heads of state and prominent investors. Adam graduated from Princeton with a B.A. in economics. He resides in New York City.

Our Strategy

Focus on Value Creation.

Themes that epitomize American Ingenuity include artificial intelligence, preventive health care, robotics, automation, energy independence and the digitization of assets from internet only banking to gaming and the metaverse.

Wall Street Veteran.

Adam’s considerable experience includes trading options, commodities and equities at ING, Louis Dreyfus and Merrill Lynch. He’s a former Bloomberg anchor with deep stock-picking insight.

Long-Term Vision

American Ingenuity looks to invest in companies that reflect a powerful corporate vision and the potential for significant growth—not just next month or next quarter, but over the next several years and possibly longer.

Risk Management

Diversification is the single most important factor for managing risk in this strategy. While the portfolio is concentrated and focused on growth, it is diversified across sectors, themes and company size, from small cap to large cap.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

The American Ingenuity strategy is offered as part of a comprehensive approach to wealth management. Learn more about working with Adviser Investments.

Strategy Characteristics

Companies in our American Ingenuity strategy have three things in common.

A Compelling Story

They are doing something that nobody else does—or doing it better than the rest.

Supportive Data

Their financials demonstrate excellence and support the possibility of outsized growth, based metrics like earnings, margins and cash flow.

A Catalyst for Growth

American Ingenuity companies are selected for their potential to be industry leaders.

Our Clients

American Ingenuity is designed for thoughtful long-term investors who embrace innovation and share a view that new technologies can improve our quality of life. This strategy is for any investor looking to add aggressive growth exposure to their portfolio based on American Ingenuity’s thematic focus, tactical positioning and emphasis on maximizing return. As with any growth strategy, the size of the position relative to an individual’s overall portfolio is key. This strategy should be considered as an aggressive, growth oriented allocation within the context of an investor’s overall equity portfolio.

Your Next Step

The first step in the Adviser Investments process is to start a conversation. We look forward to learning more about you, your financial and tax goals and how we can help you reach them.

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All investments are subject to risk of loss. Strategy is an aggressive growth strategy and is a concentrated portfolio of approximately 25 to 40 equities, many of which have small market capitalization, and are subject to greater price volatility, risk of bankruptcy and illiquidity relative to companies with larger market capitalization. Strategy inception is November 2021.

Mr. Johnson edits and publishes the Bullseye Brief website (founded 2015) separately from his duties as portfolio manager at Adviser Capital, a division of Adviser Investments, LLC. AI does not review, endorse or approve of any contents contained in materials published through Bullseye Brief.

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