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Vanguard Lowers Minimums for Admiral Shares

Vanguard Lowers the Bar on Admirals

On October 6, Vanguard launched yet another offensive in the continuing battle over operating expenses and fund minimums, significantly reducing the entry price for a majority of its funds’ lower-cost Admiral share class. Vanguard has slashed the minimums on most of its Admiral shares from the …

Vanguard Goes International

Vanguard’s International Makeover

  Investors should put more of their money overseas! At least, that’s the message Vanguard was conveying this past week as they made significant changes to a number of funds. First up, a change in benchmarks and the addition of an ETF share class for Total International Index. And …

Vanguard Wages ETF War

Vanguard’s ETF Blitz

  On September 9, Vanguard launched nine new ETFs tracking S&P market indexes. Eight of the nine were launched concurrently with institutional class shares, while the ninth, the S&P 500 ETF, realizes Vanguard’s long-held desire to introduce an ETF class of its flagship 500 Index fund. They followed this …

September Begins with an Uptick

Market Roundup

After a rough month in the markets, September kicked off with the ISM Manufacturing survey, which surprised economists with a gain in August after three months of declines. The stock market lit up on the news, with the Dow gaining almost 255 points, or 2.5%, on the day Wednesday the …

Manager Changes at Vanguard, AXA Out

Vanguard Round-Up

It’s been a busy couple of months for Vanguard, from the announcement of 20 new ETFs and index funds tracking a slew of market benchmarks, to the elimination of commissions on all ETFs for brokerage clients, to a manager addition to International Explorer, to Convertible Securities reopening. In the last …
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New Manager for Vanguard Fund, Update

Time to Explore Elsewhere?

In our June 11 Adviser Fund Update, we covered the addition of a second management team to Vanguard International Explorer, historically one of Vanguard’s best international offerings. Now that the first effects of the new addition have begun to appear, we thought we’d take a look at the changes …

5 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

Are You Making These Retirement Savings Mistakes?

In our last update, we gave you some tips on how to help the teenagers in your lives begin saving for retirement. This week, we’d like to review some common pratfalls that all investors can fall into when making decisions about their retirement savings plans. …

Make Your Teen A Millionaire

Is It Too Early for Your Teen to Think About Retirement?

Surf mutual fund company or financial media websites and it's impossible to avoid all of the articles offering advice on how best you can invest for retirement. One angle you won't see covered often, however, is the need for the teenagers …

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