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Adviser Outlook, January 2020

What Market Themes Will Define the Next Quarter?
Expert Analysis From Our Experienced Mutual Fund Strategists

Every quarter, Adviser Investments provides our clients with an overview of how the market has fared over recent months and what investors can expect in the months ahead. However you describe it, 2019 was a profitable year so long as you stayed the course. And from the jump, January 2020 has already delivered a year’s worth of worries, from Iran to the impeachment process, to Brexit and a new, deadly viral outbreak in China. Yet markets remain near record highs.

This special report discusses critical subjects for investors like you, and despite concerning headlines, short- and long-term trends support our belief that investment decisions should not be dictated by emotions.

Topics include:

  • Why fundamentals indicate that slow growth can continue through 2020
  • What impact election-year politics could play on your portfolio
  • Why it’s a fool’s errand to bet against the U.S. consumer
  • How retirement investing rules changed due to legislation signed at 2019’s end

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