First Quarter 2023: Adviser Investments' Market Outlook

Analysis From Experienced Financial Planners and Investment Strategists

Adviser's Market Outlook

Adviser Outlook, First Quarter 2023

Which Themes and Trends Will Define the Next Quarter?
Informed Analysis From Our Financial Planning and Investment Strategists

For investors, 2022 was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Will 2023 bring a repeat? We don’t think so. Our measured optimism is supported by both historical perspective and facts on the ground.

Amid geopolitical turmoil, a higher cost of living and sustained stock and bond market losses, it may be difficult to face the new year with hope instead of caution. This feeling is reflected in consumer sentiment data, which is biased toward recent experience and landed squarely in “the dumps” (to use a technical term) for nearly all of 2022.

And it’s no wonder. U.S. stocks slumped into a bear market and stayed there—the S&P 500 index returned -18.1% in 2022 (including dividends) after touching -25.4% in early October. And to pour salt on investors’ wounds, the U.S. bond market had its worst calendar year on record, down 13.0%. When can we hope to see a turnaround?

In this quarter’s Adviser Outlook, we examine the factors influencing the markets and economy with an eye toward practical steps for investors like you, including:

  • Just how rare it is to see stocks and bonds tumble simultaneously over 12-month periods
  • What inflation and Federal Reserve policy mean for the markets—is recession imminent?
  • Three financial planning New Year’s resolutions to keep on track to your long-term goals
  • What you need to know about Secure Act 2.0 and how it might impact your retirement planning
  • …and more!

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