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Adviser Outlook, July 2020

What Market Themes Will Define the Next Quarter?
Expert Analysis From Our Experienced Mutual Fund Strategists

After the pandemic sent the global economy plummeting into recession in the year’s first quarter, the second quarter saw an equally swift stock market bounce off the bottom as Wall Street sentiment shifted from worst fears to hopeful outcomes.

This special report discusses critical subjects for investors like you. This quarter, we cover why the stark disconnect between COVID-19’s human and economic toll and the market’s advance finds us in a cautious stance heading into the back half of 2020.

Topics include:

  • How corporate leaders have reacted to an unknowable future
  • What the rapid recovery amid low interest rates means for stock and bond investors
  • Financial planning steps you can take during the pandemic
  • Why the course of the pandemic and the physical and financial health of the consumer are key factors in the economy’s recovery

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