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Adviser Outlook, April 2019

What Market Themes Will Define the Next Quarter?
Expert Analysis From Our Experienced Mutual Fund Strategists

Every quarter, Adviser Investments provides our clients with an overview of how the market has fared over recent months and what investors can expect in the months ahead. The continuing wrangling over the Mueller report, a slowing pace of earnings growth, a potential global economic slowdown and the trade dispute with China could all prove to be disruptive. But, so long as the fundamentals—earnings, interest rates, economic data—remain strong, it seems just as possible that markets could run longer.

This special report discusses critical subjects for investors like you, and how known and unknown factors at home and abroad may continue to cause turbulence and provide opportunities.

Topics include:

  • How markets rebounded from the fourth-quarter decline
  • What the Federal Reserve’s stance suggests about a recession
  • Factors supporting economic growth in 2019
  • What the yield curve can (and can’t) tell us as a recessionary indicator

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