Third Quarter 2022: Adviser Investments' Market Outlook

Expert Analysis from Experienced Investment Strategists

Adviser Investments Market Outlook

What Market Themes Will Define the Next Quarter?
Expert Analysis From Our Experienced Mutual Fund Strategists

Markets and portfolios traveled a bumpy road last quarter, with a downturn in stocks compounded by the simultaneous decline in bonds. But we think there’s good reason to believe the path ahead will be more rewarding than what’s behind us.

This special report discusses critical subjects for investors like you. We dig into the themes that impacted markets, the potential for volatility ahead and the risks and opportunities for disciplined investors.

Topics include:

  • How markets have historically responded after big six-months declines
  • The range of repercussions to interest-rate hikes
  • Why Roth IRAs may now make more sense than ever
  • Are we closer to a market bottom than a top?
  • …and more!

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For informational purposes only; not a recommendation to buy, hold or sell any investment product. Past performance is not an indication of future returns. Speak with a financial adviser before taking specific action.

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