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Adviser Outlook, April 2020

What Market Themes Will Define the Next Quarter?
Expert Analysis From Our Experienced Mutual Fund Strategists

Every quarter, Adviser Investments provides our clients with an overview of how the market has fared over recent months and what investors can expect on the road ahead. After rising early in the year, markets and economies worldwide took a sharp turn as the COVID-19 pandemic’s spread and the resulting social distancing and stay-at-home advisories disrupted businesses and our daily lives.

This special report discusses critical subjects for investors like you. This quarter, we cover why, despite a difficult investment environment, short- and long-term trends support our belief that investors should stay the course while adapting their financial plans as needed to their changing circumstances.

Topics include:

  • Why medical data is more important than economic or earnings figures when it comes to a market recovery
  • Long-term perspective on bear and bull markets
  • Financial planning steps you can take during the pandemic
  • Where to find our resources and advice on the CARES Act’s provisions

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