Megan Higgins on the Market Analysis for May 17, 2019 | NECN

Up-and-Down Trade Headlines

Megan Higgins, assistant director of client services at Adviser Investments, has the market analysis for Friday, May 17. Stocks sold off in the final hour of trading for the week, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 0.4%, S&P 500 off 0.6% and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite slipping 1.0% for the day. Trade headlines cut positive and negative. The Trump administration reached an agreement with Canada and Mexico to lift tariffs on steel, putting our neighboring countries closer to a deal to replace NAFTA with the USMCA accord.  On the flip side, the stalemate in U.S.-China trade talks continues to concern investors; in particular, John Deere saw its stock sell off after the company reported that U.S. farmers will likely spent $464 million less on harvesters and tractors due to low crop prices and curtailed sales to China.

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