Dan Wiener on Fund Managers and Tax Inefficiencies | Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

Dan Wiener Talks Fund Managers and Tax Inefficiencies

MoneyLife Market Call’s Chuck Jaffe interviewed Dan Wiener, Adviser Investments’ chairman, to learn more about his “buy the manager, not the fund” approach and Vanguard’s recently launched factor funds. Dan emphasizes the importance of coupling great active managers with low operating expense ratios. He also names two managers he’s watching: Bryan Krug, portfolio manager for Artisan High Income Fund (ticker: ARTFX), and Baillie Gifford, who currently co-manages several Vanguard funds. On the subject of Vanguard’s six new factor ETFs, Dan opines that, “Factors are the bright, shiny new toy in a lot of mutual fund companies’ toy chests right now.” Just five months since inception, Vanguard’s factor funds have outperformed the market; however, investors should be mindful of tax inefficiency risks.

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